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Modular Housing - What is It?

FastHouse eco-friendly homes are incredibly fexible – manufactured to individual customer requirements, our modular design covers all planning requirements for both modern timber frame applications (replacing the first fix) as well as for complete design and build of standalone modular energy efficient smart homes.

Our advanced CAD and manufacturing technologies are based on industrialised processes, controlled and monitored to produce world-class outcomes. All electrical, mechanical, plumbing and IT requirements are integrated during manufacture, ensuring that our systems and wall connections are completely airtight.

FastHouse provides an environment that is safe and healthy – our buildings
are designed and built with the principles of sustainable development, with key features such as excellent acoustic performance and exceptional thermal design characteristics.

FastHouse is the ideal solution for affordable rapid build homes – durable and future-proofed, they provide social value and a quick return
on capital investment. Much stronger than comparable site-built homes, they are less expensive to run, use less energy and boast lower carbon emissions.

Welcome to the future of eco-friendly, efficient housing, now – FastHouse

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